Intercom systems

Intercom systems communicate with visitors to your location. They often consist of a built-in video camera in the outside call station; this allows the security control room or a reception desk to view and speak with the visitor before opening the door, which can then be released from the master station. Communication is conducted either with dedicated cable or via the company network infrastructure.

Ottawa Security Systems can implement and support intercom systems from many manufacturers. Please contact us for more information.

More than an inventory

These items together can amount to very large sums of investment on the part of a company. It is therefore important to know the make, model number, serial number of each asset and to whom it is assigned etc. Items that leave the premises infrequently and that are not specifically assigned to any one person; should be recorded out and in with the expected return date recorded. If it is not returned by the due date the item will be flagged for investigation. This is a module that can quickly return its investment by keeping track of company assets and who is responsible for them.


Various user access levels

Ability to attach images

Barcodes reader

All features

Details what assets are assigned to which employee

Records each asset’s make, model & serial number

Can keep a record of asset values

Keep records of where assets can normally be found within the company facilities

Can read almost all Bar Codes

Audit log of issuances, returns

Various user access levels

Visual display and tracking of overdue items

Tracking of lost assets, assets out for service, decommissioned assets

Data search on all available fields

Ability to attach images

Ability to attach documents (manuals etc)

Email alert notification for overdue assets

Email alert notification for lost, found out for service, returned from service assets

Hand held integration using Android smart phones.

Asset removal request form (iForm)

At a Glance (Dashboard)




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